Listening On Windows/Mac:

Tune-in (M3U File) (Best Recommendation)

Just download the above file and open it with your favorite media player (We recommend foobar, VLC, or Winamp).  You can also use the in-browser player on the top right of this website either way works and is functional!

Listening On Linux:

Tune-in (M3U File) (Best Recommendation)

With Linux it can be picky about file-types.  We recommend using VLC or a comparable media player as it recognizes the file-type provided.

Listening On iOS Devices:

Tune-in (M3U File) (Best Recommendation)

Download and open the link above and it should work without any issues on your iOS device.

Listening On Android (Our App):

Download the APK below to your Android device. You may need to enable unknown sources since our App is self-signed and not available on Play. If you feel uncomfortable using this app, feel free to use VLC or Winamp as they are great alternatives.

CnR Radio v3

QR Code:

QR Code for Android Devices

Listening On Android (With Winamp):

Step 1

1. Install Winamp (Click the link to be taken to the download page) on your phone/tablet.

Step 2

2. Open Winamp and click SHOUTcast.

Step 3

3. Click “Manually Enter Station”

Step 4

4. Put the following in and press play!  (MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE THE FULL LINK WITH HTTP://)